Commercial Cleaning

Whatever type of business you’re running, you want to be presenting yourself nicely for your customers and clients. A big part of that means keeping your workplace clean and tidy. But your workers only have a finite amount of time and it can be a hassle trying to organize yourself, every night after you close. We know you don’t have the time or the resources for that, which is why, we are here to help. At Commercial and Residential Cleaning Wollongong, we can offer commercial cleaning services for local businesses. We are trained professionals, who can offer seriously competitive prices. That means, you’ll be getting the maximum service for the lowest cost, and the least hassle, something which we’re sure any businessowner wants.

Office Cleaning
Offices with a lot of staff can often be a challenge keeping clean! Since people are spending as much as 40 hours per week in these spaces, in close proximity, keeping them in a polished and shiny state is going to be much better for overall working conditions for staff. When you choose to make use of our great office cleaning services, you can expect that to be done to the very highest level. Using all the right tools for the various parts of the job, we will make sure everything from your desks, to your computer screens, to your windows are all looking their best.

Supermarket and Retail Space Cleaning
All sorts of retail and market spaces are frequented by loads of people each day. At the same time, they are notorious for being able to look a mess in a matter of hours. You’re going to be doing your best to stay on top of it during the day, but after you close – how many of your staff are going to have the energy for a good job cleaning? So, instead, give our team a call. We would be happy to come and offer our cleaning services after closing time, having it ready and prepped in a great state, for another morning selling.

Hospitality Industry Cleaning
Restaurants, bars and hotels. All types of hospitality working spaces offer a close and personal customer experience, something that the cleanliness is going to make a huge impact on. So, make sure you are making the best impression on all of your guests and patrons, by keeping your property looking clean, comfortable and welcoming. Give our team a ring and we would be glad to organize a cleaning schedule with you.

School Cleaning
It should go without saying that all school environments need to be kept in a good shape, if they are going to be anywhere near good enough to be teaching our kids. Every classroom needs to be tidy, the canteen needs to be hygienic and you don’t want trash building up in any space you’re trying to learn in. So , make sure you are using the highest standard of cleaning after each day, by giving us a call. We are more than happy to assist local institutes, with as regular of a cleaning service as you need. You know you can count on us, every single day, without fail.

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